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World's any stress or depression can be instantly changed into joy with just one tight friendly hug to the concerned person. A truly warming hug can comfort a person more than words of care can do. Assure your beloved friend or a dearest childhood friend that you are always there beside him/ her through a perfectly fitting friendship hugs card from hugs and caring section of HiGreetings.com.

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I hug because I care! - Hugs & Caring ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
'A lovely hug for you. I want to hug to say you that I care!' convey this loving message and pass on this significant ecard from HiGreetings.com to your lovable friends in order to make them happy and feel loved.
Hug coupon - Hugs & Caring ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
'This coupon entitles bearer to one free hug redeemable anytime, valid forever'. Pass on this fun card to your close and dear friends to make them feel real special, from HiGreetings.com.
Hugging for better health! - Hugs & Caring ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
Since you are so health conscious, I' m sending you something that is fat- free, sugar free, full of energy, reduces blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate and helps retrieve the pain and depression. That's a hug (Well returns cheerfully accepted)
Bear Hug! - Hugs & Caring ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
Sending you a big bear hug with lots of love. Pass on your message of love to your near and dear friend with this perfect teddy bear card to brighten her mood up if she is in distress, only from HiGreetings.com.
Nice and beautiful Hug - Hugs & Caring ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
'She has only known heartache and pain, but she's never known pain like this. She stands alone defending her name, when all that she's done is because who she is'. A solemn and caring card for your beloved friend from HiGreetings.com!

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