Sukkot filled with Blessings!

Sukkot is a biblical holiday which lasts for seven days. Through this holiday meals are eaten under a one room abode named sukkah and people even sleep in it. Just for the sake of celebrating sukkot, all the comforts are forsaken and the people eat for gaining spiritual strength. Rejoice the spirit of this holiday and pass on blessings and wishes of Sukkot with cards from the selections available in

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Marvelous Sukkot blessings - Sukkot ecards - Events Greeting Cards
'Blessed are You, God our Lord, King of the universe, who has sanctioned us with his commandments'. May prosperity and happiness be showered upon you; Happy Sukkot! A card can express the perfect feelings that your heart wants to reciprocate to your dear ones.
It's a Bountiful season - Sukkot ecards - Events Greeting Cards
'May you be blessed with happiness, good health and prosperity'. Send this joyous and merry greetings card to all your friends and relatives on Sukkot. Here's celebrating the great season of bounty and togetherness on Sukkot!
Respectful Biblical quotes - Sukkot ecards - Events Greeting Cards
'Thou, shalt observe the feast of Tabernacles seven days, after that thou hast, gathered in thy corn and thy wine, Ye shall dwell in booths in seven days, all that are Israelites born shall dwell in booths'. Pass on familial Happy Sukkot wishes through this greetings card!
Happy Sukkot! - Sukkot ecards - Events Greeting Cards
Wish your family members and close friends a prosperous and beautiful Sukkot with this perfectly significant greetings card from! Happy Sukkot to all!
Sukkot holiday in Jerusalem! - Sukkot ecards - Events Greeting Cards
This card showcases all the people together in Sukkot holiday in city hall square of Jerusalem, Israel. Send this picturesque Sukkot holiday in Jerusalem greetings card, only from to your loved ones.

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