Goodbye my lover, goodbye my soul!

Break up could never be easy or as simple as it looks. It's not only hard but impossible to forget your old love, especially the first love of your life. Reach out to your past love with these warm and heart touching greeting cards and let him/ her know that it's still him/ her ruling your heart. Pass on an appropriate past love greetings card from this wonderful section of

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Miss you still now! - Past Love ecards - Love Greeting Cards
'Although the roses are wilted but the scent of it still remains in my heart, and in my heart I miss you still now'! Make your ex lover feel the pain in your heart caused due to him/ her with this greetings card.
For the times spent together - Past Love ecards - Love Greeting Cards
Sometimes you need some time to yourself. And those are the times I sit back and recall the times spent with you, I will cherish the moments of us together! A perfect way to express your sorrow and solemnness to your past lover.
Goodbye my love! - Past Love ecards - Love Greeting Cards
'Although I will always remember the precious moments spent with you, I can't help it, I just miss you'! Send this sad e card to the person of your dreams how badly he/ she have broken your heart.
Our Love is forever - Past Love ecards - Love Greeting Cards
You will always remain in my heart. Pass on this lovely greetings card to your past lover to express that he still rules your heart. Though you guys are not together still the special feelings persists.

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